Sunday, October 20, 2013

Adding words

I use a description of the mask in the picture in my WIP. The MC's love interest is wearing it when he first lays eyes on her. The masquerade ball scene. In that scene, I felt it was important to paint as vivid a visual picture as I could, so I splurged a bit on the words and it ended up splitting into two chapters.

I'm regularly exchanging critiques with ten or fifteen fellow authors, and that scene had the most positive reaction so far. people dig it when boy meets girl. The most common complaint on the other end of the spectrum are the scenes that need some additional introspection from the MC, and a bit more setting.

I know why that happened, there's nothing in those scenes that's visually stimulating. I'm cutting words, but the reader still wants the setting, even if it's some dingy hole. More importantly, the reader needs hints from the POV character as to how to frame the whole story. I can only go so far. Bolstering certain scenes with too much introspection would act as a spoiler. there's a tight rope to walk, but I know I have some room in those scenes to take it closer and reveal more. that, of course, will add words. I'm not sure what mood I was in last time I spoke about word count, so I don't remember if I was on an anti-increase in word count kick, or a who gives a fuck about the word count kick. At this point, I'm reiterating that I don't give a fuck about word count. So don't let the fact that I'm writing about it AGAIN fool you. it's just not that important.

There's an author I'm exchanging critiques with. She writes fantasy and cracks me up. It's got me thinking about fantasy. That was my first love. If I could come up with something that wasn't a slight variation on Tolkien, Eddings, and Brooks, I'd be all over it, but so far, nothing.

Anyway, it's late and I'm drunk again, so I'll bid this adieu.

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  1. Glad to see your novel had a crit following. Sorry I haven't been one of them. Life got in the way. :(

    Setting can be tough. Too much. Too little. Too many thoughts slowing things down. We don't know what the character is thinking. I tell you, it's enough to drive one to drink. Good luck to you in finding that magical balance.