Friday, March 22, 2013

Going down to see Hugh Howey Tomorrow

Okay, so maybe I don't know how to capitalize a blog post.

The wife and I are going down to the Virginia Book Festival in Charlottesville tomorrow. I wish I could've gone Friday because a bunch of people from Kindleboards were meeting with Hugh Howey, my favorite new author, for dinner. I hope they had fun. They're good people. So are the people at Writer's Pub (link in the side bar). It's a cozy new site for writers set up by my friend Suzanne O'Leary. Some good authors visit the site. it's a LOT less uptight than most of the author boards I've frequented before. There's nobody trying to establish that they rule the roost. It's just fun talk about writing.

We had our own version of Asimov's the Mule when someone who'd been banned on KindleBoards showed up, defending himself. He's a controversial author who has posted things on other sites which would lead one to believe that he has a fetish for getting off on the thought of women on the ground, beaten and bleeding, typically impaled, and often in their sexual areas like the crotch and breasts. Caused quite a stir. Suzy wanted to ban him right away, but I begged her to give me a chance to try to talk him into getting some help. He, of course, denied any such fetish, except for one post early on when his guard was down in which he admitted a sexual attraction to to it. He has since been banned.

Meanwhile, I've had some critters look at my prologue and first chapter. So far, there don't seem to be many complaints, and the ones I hear are legitimate, and fixable. One critter called it a masterpiece, while another said it was fine except the writing was bad. Such is the life of a writer. I imagine the real world will look the same. Some will like it, and others will bash.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to simply being in the presence of someone like Hugh who personifies the indie author. Someone who managed to drive off the negative reviews and foster the positive. I know there's a tendency by a lot of the veterans of the indie world to scoff at Hugh because they are tired of hearing about him and his success, but I can't tire of it. it is fresh. It is cool. I really think he's a historic figure.

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  1. I read Wool and thought it was brilliant. I would love to meet Hugh and admire all the authors who write for the love of it, able to rise about the negative and just enjoy others and their success without jealousy. I'm so glad you found a great group to chat with, Fred.