Saturday, July 28, 2012

Where does creativity come from?

I have two friends who are currently arguing over gay marriage like fucking ninjas in a Bruce Lee movie. Philosophical grounds. Creativity doesn't come from the anger leveled at an opponent. That's my sister in the picture, back in her Elizabeth, New Jersey days. Nobody could ever make me as fucking furious as she could. I love her, but big sisters have a way...

It's not from anger; it's not from sorrow. It's not from any emotion whatsoever. There's a child in every good writer who sees the world they way he did when he was young, back when he was still asking questions. Mankind does not stagnate. It's not a zero-sum game. our perspective, yours and mine, is unique. There will never be another perspective like ours. Why not give the most honest testimonial to our experience on this Earth that we can? If we do that, you and me, those who can write well enough to express what we experience, others who've shared similar experiences, will appreciate what we say. the whole point of it is, is to express ourselves in a manner that draws as many people to our way of thinking, as possible. What do you think Harper Lee's sole book was all about? Creativity comes from the soul that wants to convince the reader. That and the need to pay the rent. Oi.


  1. Pretty sister, Fred but as the older sister myself to my younger brother - oh he made me plenty mad!
    And you're right - we are all unique - in my case, that's probably a very good thing.

  2. Damn straight its a good thing everyone's unique, otherwise we'd remain stagnant without anyone opening fresh doors for us to step through or walk by. It's not just drawing others to see the worlds we've created as we do, but also to give a reprive from the mundane. I read for fun, and I live for the occasional time when I'm able to write for fun as well.