Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Smithsonian

So, there I am in front of the SR-71 at the Smithsonian today. The biggest, coolest plane ever made IMO.

I've been to that museum several times now, with different people each time, and each time someone likes something different. Some love the Shuttle Discovery, some the Enola Gay. Each plane captures the imagination in a different way, and there's no accounting for why some love one and others love a different one. Thing is, everyone who goes there loves planes. How's this applicable to books? Everyone who reads books, loves books. it's just a matter of which story they choose to read. You know the planes people like the most? Complex, advanced, sleek, powerful, sexy, scary. Sound familiar?


  1. No wonder everyone loves my books then! Or am I like the spitfire -held together by a wing and a prayer, a bone rattling ride you hope to survive!!! Who's that grey haired geyser?? Snigger

  2. Hey now, I still have a couple hairs left that have color! Actually, my maternal grandfather was completely white-haired by the time he was 55. I have no doubt I'm gonna do the same.

  3. At least you have hair, Fred!!! I'd go for any color so long as I kept my locks. My dad was bald, my brother is bald - I hope that gene doesn't pass to my son. I know the mother is the one who passes it on so...... maybe there'll be a cure for baldness if it becomes an issue. I'm very surprised there isn't a cure already!!