Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Feeling Strange

Maybe it's the post-reaching-the-climax blues, but I've got that funk tonight. The minight writer's blues. Those times when a writer's just sure he sucks, and no amount of cheerful encouragement will do anything about it. I'm pretty sure just about every writer gets this.

Got into an argument with a friend on a message board today because she mistook a joke I imparted for a slight on her. Saw some other friends post samples of their setting, and it got me to wondering if mine's too threadbare, even though I can't aford the words to build any more setting, not when I'm trying to slice words out.

There's no cure for this. No pill to take. Cookies and a hug won't do it. It's deep in the bones.

Janet Reid posted a very cool video recently. It's intersting to watch, and while it doesn't make one feel better about one's writing, it is cheerful enough to lighten one's mood. "One" being me.


  1. Thanks for sharing the link. I hadn't seen that one before.

    Don't worry about the setting. I'm a sparse setting kinda girl. Some people like lots of it. You can't make everyone happy. Just finish the story and, who knows, you might discover a whole bunch of words that don't need to be there, which will open up word space for more details. It happened to me.

  2. Somehow the doubts, insecurities arent as bad when it's shared as elogantly as that writer talked about creativity. That doesnt make the ups and downs level out, but then neither does hugs or alcohol. There's some obessions that seize you by the throat and no matter how down you get, you find yourself right back at it. And when that day comes and I hold a book in hand with your name on it, Fred, I have no doubt it'll be all worth it.

  3. I've slipped into it too, Fred. Right when I'd finished a story and I think - not sure I should be doing this. I'm not good enough etc etc Well, maybe I shouldn't be doing it, but I do like it mostly and I know I'm not that good but so what? Some people have enjoyed my stories and that's reward enough. Keep at it and it will all work right in the end.
    Or there's always the bottle!