Sunday, July 8, 2012

Big things come in little steps

It's fascinating to go to the Smithsonian and see man's progression through the flight age. From bi-planes to Sputnik to the space shuttle, Each step improved on what had come before it. Okay, I was going to compare writing a book to building the space shuttle, buuuut I won't. It just feels like it for me.

I just finished a chapter, so I have two to go. This last one was tough. There's so much shit flying around, I'm terrified the reader might get confused and thus bored. I think I prepared the reader for this point, but the plot threads are a little like when girls skip rope with two girls holding two  or three ropes with a girl in the middle hopping. The reader has to hop plot threads. We'll see when I test it out. I kinda wanted it to be like an emotional fireworks finale. Hope it doesn't come off like a kindergarten, kids crying in the corner and little Willie throwing up on little Tina.

This chapter was rough. I ran into something I hadn't anticipated back when I decided to change it from 3rd to 1st. When you're in 1st, and your MC is confused and flustered, the narrative has to give that sense as well, and I wasn't quite prepared for how hard that is to pull off without confusing the shit out of the reader, especially when you've already got a shitload of stuff going on in that chapter. The reader is going to want the thing to focus on the primary plot line, but if the MC can't focus like a normal person would, neither should you. Toughest scenes in the book to write so far.

One more tough chapter like this one, then the epilogue. The epilogue should be a snap. It's pretty straight forward.


  1. You're nearly there, Fred! Well done. Of course, now you've confused me and I haven't even read it! But I'm a bear of little brain and easily confused, I have to admit.

  2. That mock humility doesn't fool me. You're the brains of the outfit.

  3. Hell, confusing readers is the norm for me. I so thrilled your pushing closer and closer to the finish line.

  4. So close! Can't wait for you to finish this so we can start reading it.