Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Little Happier With the Long Narrative Stretch

That's me, the one with the cheesy mustache, pretending to be a wino at a Halloween party. I had a mask to go with it, but it was too hot. The chick on the right was a little sister at our fraternity. I forget her name. The black book in her hand it her little black book, something we were all given upon becoming pledges. Inside the book were the fraternity rules, and interviews we were all supposed to conduct with members while we were going through the pledge ritual. She was interviewing me here. I hated being interviewed because I always felt pressure to be interesting.

Similar feelings accosted me while I worked on my long narrative section in the WIP. I got it whittled down to about a full chapter, the back half of one chapter and the opening half of the next. Still, it is scary to go that long without dialogue. I love dialogue, because I think my characters say interesting things. But I think I've got the narrative streamlined enough to take my finger off the section and move on. I think I got it to the point that the reader won't put the book down at that point. I'm pretty sure I've been on this section for at least a month. Incredibly difficult. I did my taxes today, and I'd say the two are on par as far as the pain inflicted on me.

I need a day to clear my writing palate, so I think I'll take some time tomorrow to crit.


  1. OOh no dialogue? I freak out if I write more than a few paragraphs without dialogue - but you're right - the more into the book you are, you can get away with it!

  2. As long as you're at least halfway into the book, I'd let logn narrative section go. Not to say I don't get grief when there's even a few paragraphs of narrative when receiving crits, but sometimes, darn it, it's needed for the overall flow of the story and to convey things that need to be told.