Thursday, April 26, 2012

Assembling the Story

Jean over on her blog Discarded Darlings asked What does your moment when all the threads fall into place feel like?

What does it feel like when everything stacks up and you know you have a story on your hands? Well, since this is my first, I can only go by this one and any subsequent stories may be a different matter, but this one felt like I'd just assembled a building with no instructions, and it stood on its own.

We are Robinson Crusoe, and there is no Friday out here to help us. The people with suggestions as to how to write stories can't tell you how to write your story. Keeping in line with the assembling things vein, they can tell you how to assemble a car, but they can only get you so far because they don't see what kind of car it is you're trying to assemble. So, telling you to put screw #9 in slot #2 is useless. Yes, we can get input from critiquers and betas, but writing is a loneliest act I've ever undertaken.

I'm not happy with the chapter I'm currently working on. It's too slow. It's one of the last chapters, and it moves like an old lady with a cane leaving the church on a hot Sunday. I'm going to have to re-design the opening paragraphs somehow, and I have no fucking clue right now how I'm going to do that. My MC is too passive. I need to bust him over the chops and get him pissed off a little I think.


  1. Tell him his favorite football team sucks - that should do it!

  2. >>old lady with a cane leaving the church on a hot Sunday.

    Love this. :D Ok, not when it has to do with chapters not working, but it's a great line.

    Writing is lonely and its very easy to sit there, staring at words on the screen, and wonder what the hell you're doing. But your building is standing, so put those last few pieces on the top and then stand back and take it all in. You're almost there!

    Tell your MC he won't have access to the penthouse until he stops being so damn passive. I hear there's a full bar and a crowd of hot women in there just waiting for someone to walk through the door.