Monday, March 26, 2012

Query Blurb Hell

The picture above is taken from one of the finger lakes. I don't remember which. But it nicely encapsulates my experience in upstate New York.

I'm trying to do the same thing right now with the WIP, encapsulate it in a blurb I can use in a query. To those who don't know, a query is the letter one sends out to agents or publishers which will make said agent or publisher fall in love with the author and the work he has created. It's equal parts synopsis, sales pitch, display of profound wisdom, wit. and voice, and revelation of the author's soul.

I wasn't planning on doing mine until my WIP was complete, but Nathan Bransford, formerly an agent who has come to the dark side and become an author, is holding his fourth annual March Madness bracket challenge, and I have a chance at winning it going into the final weekend of play. And the winner gets a copy of Nathan's new book, as well as a critique of his query. While I'm excited about the book, the query worries me.

However, focusing on what the true essence of my WIP is, has brought unexpected benefits. I've decided to slightly alter one of the characters to meet the outline I proposed, because I had to alter his motives in order to make the story sound more interesting. I figured, if I need to change his motives to make the story sound more interesting in a query letter, why not change his motives in the story?

Maybe this exercise isn't so bad after all. Even if I don't win, I've benefited

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  1. Can't even write mine AFTER I've done with the story, let alone before.