Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fast paced

I'm working on what's typically described as a "fast paced" scene. It's the scene that the movie trailers would include if they wanted to suck in a bunch of bloodthirsty teens, looking for shit to blow up. The scene has to happen. I need it to move the plot along, and it's an integral part of the story. Maybe it's just because I wrote the initial version of this three or four years ago, maybe it's because the MC is a spectator, but I'm not feeling it. I need to re-think it.

That'll give me time to do a read for a friend. She's a better writer than I am, so naturally I've already re-arranged her prologue. Well, what the fuck's the use of doing a reading if you're not going to give your opinion, right?

I don't know. I might try to spruce up the chapter I'm working on by squeezing the "spectator" aspect of it down to the barest minimum (nobody likes an MC who sits on the sideline, letting things happen, but in this case, it's unavoidable). And then see what the critters say when I run it through the queues, that is, unless some stroke of genius strikes out of the blue sky in the interim. Of course, my experience is that blue skies generally don't strike shit.

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  1. Better writer than you my foot! I think distance from writing my first part has blunted my thoughts on it. Like you, I need to re-think. I'll take the chapter and prologue into a new document and rewrite. No use me waiting for a blue sky here - it's grey as usual.
    Thanks, Fred!!!! I'm looking forward to reading yours!