Monday, January 16, 2012

I've been deceived for 49 years by my parents.

My parents are some of the most honest people I know, but I discovered yesterday that they've been keeping a dark secret from me my whole life. My buddies and I are planning a semi-annual trip far north into Canada to go fishing, and I was polishing up on my limited French in case we have to go through Ottawa where they seem to refuse to speak English for some silly reason.

The wife asked me if I knew any swear words and I told her that Mr. McHale had taught us a few in 10th or 11th grade. I boasted that I know the word "fuck" in many languages, and she asked me what the word was in Czech, the tongue of my birth. I didn't know.

She said I should look it up on line, and so I did. Turns out I've known the word all my life. It's one my dad used liberally when we were growing up, but the parents told me when I was "old enough" that it meant whore. Bad enough, but not quite the word for the dirty deed. I guess they couldn't bring themselves to admit that dad had been cutting loose with it all this time. And all this time I thought he that was just the one place he wouldn't go. Now I know, he's just as vulgar as me. Nice. I feel relieved somehow.


  1. Heh. I think most of us go there now and then. Good to know you're not the only vulgar one around though, huh?

  2. Ha ha. My parents NEVER swore. They'd be ashamed of me.....