Saturday, November 26, 2011

The tortise now draws the carriage

The good news is that two of the presidential candidates' political action committees quote me in their literature, and third candidate has quoted suggestions I e-mailed to his campaign verbatim. The bad news is that my WIP is bogged down in the mud.

I've e-mailed suggestions to all of the Republican candidates, as well as President Obama, not on campaigning, but on policy. I've had a bunch of letters published in the papers and political magazines. The problem is, that politics is interesting me more right now that my WIP. And it's not that politics is all that interesting, unfortunately. There are chapters ahead that call me, and I want to get to those. I know they'll flow like shit though a goose, but I have to get there in an orderly and interesting fashion. And there is little to celebrate in the last chapter I finished and the current one that brought the MS to a screeching halt.