Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year?

So the wife and I had the annual New Year's Eve sex. It was great, considering my age. We used to say that, if you have sex on New Year's Eve, you'll have sex all the next year. Now we just say that it means there's a chance we'll have sex again in the new year. Anyway, I thought the New Year was going to get welcomed in in style, but she revealed to me that there was a problem in our relationship. This came after the protag delivered the mail.

Teary eyed, she told me that I put her down. Now, I freely admit she is the fiscal rock that holds us together. She's an accountant, and I'd a financial fool. But, apparently, I've been combative lately, and I routinely correct her on her pronunciation and grammar, and that's got her annoyed. She said she thinks I'm frustrated with her "stupidity."

My own pronunciation and grammar aren't all that great, but she's from Oklahoma, which puts her at a decided disadvantage. Far from stupid, she's the smartest person I know, but she may also be the most insecure. It's a tight rope I walk.

But I've assessed what she said, and I think there may be merit to her accusation. I know that I am in a very combative stage in my WIP. My antag is jousting with my protag, and it's only going to get worse over the next fove or ten chapters. And my protag is in a constant verbal debate with his love interest, so the tone of the book is very combative at this point. I think I'm bringing this home. I think I'm treating the wife as the protag's love interest, expecting her to be just as hardened as the product of years of systematic abuse and corporate bullying, when she's not.

In short, I'm bringing the work home and taking it out on the wife. Now, for me, it was quite enjoyable. I got to taste her responses. I got some free debate, but I think I need to back off at home.


  1. Well at least you recognised she was right, Fred! I hope you didn't do the put downs in public - my other half did that at the start of our marriage and we very nearly didn't last the year! What was funny to him, was hurtful to me.
    On a lighter note - I think my other half wishes I DID bring more of my writing into our life. But I find Google so useful for writing erotic romance. Good thing he laughs when I tell him that.

  2. I've caught myself doing this too, thankfully in most cases, before the words leave my mouth, but it happens.Ooops!