Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good riddance to summer

The catherdral of Learning at The University of Pittsburgh, is the university's centerpiece. It was built around the turn of the centur -- not the last turn, but the 1900 one -- and it is a rite of passage to take classes there. The old stone steps have been trod upon so many times that they have divots, the deepest ones near the railings the students hug to take the shortest route out.

There's a certain dignity to the old building, and I loved it when I climbed the twenty flights (it's thirty some stories) to my calculus class as a freshman. It made me feel so smart just to be there. Then I got to the class, and couldn't breathe. No air conditioning. It was only then that I realized why most of the freshman classes are at the cathedral, while the upperclassmen get to hold their classes at the modern buildings. I don't want to blame my poor performance in calculus class on the building, but it didn't help.

I hate working in the summer. I hate sitting at a desk when it's hot, when the sun comes through the window and shines on my back to make my skin tingle like I'm about to sweat. And I hate above all, the drip of sweat from the arm pit down the side. Writing during the summer is a chore. (We just evacuated our building due to an earthquake! Yahoo! In Baltimore? I thought just California and Japan got those.)

Anyway, I welcome the cooler temperatures.


  1. I don't like writing in the summer either, Fred. I'm much happier sitting with my laptop in the cold weather. BUT I do love the sun. I'd just rather read in it than write in it. So not much of a problem in England. It came out twice this year I think! Raining as I type....

  2. My niece was annoyed she didnt get to leave her washington, DC desk for the earthquake. Glad one summer day was cut short for you, Fred.
    The only good thing about hot days is you start to imagine what it'd be liked to die in such sticky misery and you write a story about a flamebird.

  3. A friend told me to sign in my blog, click on settings, and change the comment form placement to full page and then save it. Hope it lasts but I was able to then comment on my blog without the signing in and out crap. Maybe that'd work for you too, Fred.