Sunday, July 24, 2011

They say to write what you know, but...

Apparently, William Shakespeare wasn't the author of the books attributed to him. That according to a presentation at the Smithsonian I saw years ago. This society of people dedicated to proving that Edward de Vere was the true author of Shakespeare's work because many of the plots mirrored his life and he actually traveled to all the places old Willie never got to see but wrote about so eloquently. Thinking being that the Earle of Oxford couldn't write the political satire Shakespeare included, so he took his name.

I'm writing about places I've never been. None of the settings I include in my WIP have I stepped foot on. My plot lines don't mirror my life. I hope some day to be famous enough that people will wonder if this simpleton could have written these masterpieces. I just want to get it down in writing now, I did.

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  1. Ha, Fred! My first novel was set in New York and I'd never been to America. It was about the mafia - of which of course, I knew nothing, about drugs - ditto, about sex - er......