Sunday, July 31, 2011

Politics makes great kindling for stories

The wife and I were on vacation this week. We are very politically active, and we went to the Capital for a little activism during the week. The day we were there, the young woman in the picture, climbed the steps of the Capital Building beyond the secure area with a political sign, and claimed she had a bomb on her.

I was the closest civilian and took pictures as they rounded her up, frisked her, put her in cuffs and hauled her away. It's actually remarkable how commonplace this kind of thing is in Washington D.C., particularly when there is a contentious issue on the table. People lose their minds. The media adds to the fuel with opposing views and makes some of the weaker minded go nuts.

You don't have to write political thrillers to use politics in writing. I have a heavy dose of it in my sci-fi WIP. It's great motive for all kinds of delicious mischief. It's great for sub plots and motive, particularly twisted motive. Keep it in mind.

On a side note, it was amusing that a group of Amish tourists were being led past those steps as they were leading the young woman away. I heard the elders instructing the youngsters on the evils of the English. Something right out of the movie Witness.

p.s. She looks a little like Arlene. I haven't see Arlene post anything on her blog in a while. Could it be? Anyone heard from her lately? :)


  1. She does look like Arlene. Arlene!! Are you there??

  2. You guys are so funny. If it'd been me, I'd have at least finished the blasted colors by now. Must be great, a quiet cell and only a roomate named Big Bertha to avoid instead of customers. Hm...I wonder...Nah, I could never pull it off. I'd blow myself up trying to make the bomb. I drew smile faces in the middle of benzene rings in chemisty class.