Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stuck in chapter 11 hell...or, is it heaven?

There's a part of me that wants to hurry. I want to hurry to get the damn thing done. I want to hurry to have a possible second source of income if things don't pick up at work (our business is off 60% and I fear for my job every day in this economy). But I've spent at least a week organizing chapter 11 and another week polishing the first 1/4 of it. The last three or four days, I sat down in the evening in the time I have allotted to work on it (between 8 and 11 p.m. typically, if I can stay awake that long and if the wife doesn't have me doing something else). And I started at the beginning, reading through it and every day I get farther.

This sort of arranging and polishing typically takes me longer at the beginning of chapters because those are usually heavy in narrative, setting description, that sort of thing. Once I get to the dialogue, it flows a lot quicker because I have the conversations already completed for the most part, it's all the rest of the crap I'm having to fill in right now. But I'm really enjoying myself with this one. On the one hand, it's a bitch because I want to see it complete, but on the other, I can't rush it. I just can't. I want the reader to see what I see without boring him, and that means compacting and making every word count. On top of that, I'm very conscious that I'm still over 6000 words for the chapter and want to cut that significantly, so it's making me look twice at every phrase. You know what I've found? God damn it, I waste a ton of words. Must cut.

In fact, I'm going to practice by summarizing this whole post in one word: sphincter.

p.s. What this has to do with the two ladies, I don't know. I'm running out of pictures I've uploaded to photobucket, and I'm gonna have to get some more soon.


  1. Ah I know that feeling of finally enjoying yourself so that you don't want to stop. Make the most of it!!!!!

  2. Enjoy your productive run. I've finally hit a wall and have been banging my head on the keyboard for well over a week now.

    Hmm those ladies are grinning. I'm guessing the one in brown said 'sphincter' just before the photo was taken and then the one in black, who has more of a forced smile, fervorently denied that her expensive fur muff most certainly did NOT resemble any such thing.