Friday, June 10, 2011

Are you serious enough to be an author?

My buddy Dan has a hard time being serious about a lot of things. I'm not afflicted with the disease quite to that degree, but I can only be serious for short spurts, and then I lean back and utter those famous words of John Lennon, "It's all dick."

As hard as I've been working on the WIP, I can't seem to take myself all that seriously. I go on various message boards like the Kindle Boards, Absolute Write, CC, and others and I marvel at how stoic the authors on those things are. Maybe if I had to depend on writing for my bowl of rice, or if the wife and I needed the money, I'd see it differently. But I can't seem to get that serious about it. Not like some of them get. Obviously, there are exceptions; Barbara, Arlene, and Jean come to mind, but for the most part, it seems as though, when you get a couple authors in a room, they turn to stone.

I want to be as professional as I can be when putting words to paper, but outside of that, I can already see I'm going to have a hard time. They fume over the slightest problem with cover art, or promotional videos, declare how furious they are that the person doing theirs made a mistake. They recount arguments they had with their editors, and agents. They talk about their conferences and their agendas when they attend, and I seriously thought the conferences were a reason to escape the house and chores and get loaded with some fellow authors of a like mind.

I'll finish my book. I'll send out queries. If I get an agent, I'll show up wherever I'm told to show up. But I couldn't act stuffy to save my life. I'd never be able to act like a businessman at a writer's conference. If that's what writing's all about, then screw it, I have that now. Show up in the pinstripes, starched shirt and tie. I want to escape that. I don't want to carry a briefcase anymore.

Of course, I say all this now, but when it comes to it, if an agent tells me to put on a suit and wipe out my blog because it's too unprofessional, I'll probably roll over like a dog and show my belly. I just don't take it seriously enough to argue. Make sense?

p.s. Chapter 11 is down to 7,000 words, so now all I have to do is add some setting description and it should get down between 4000-5000 words where I want to be, right? I think that's how it works.

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  1. Finally - I managed to figure out a way to post. Stupid Internet Explorer. Lovely Google Chrome!

    Oh God, authors. Why use one word when three thousand will do? They just love to hear themselves speak - or write. I am serious about my writing until I read something good and then think - why am I bothering. Or until I read a bad review and think - why am I bothering. But then - a miracle happens. It stops raining. The sun comes out. Someone likes me - even if they can't spell my name right.
    I'm not arguing on those boards. Life's too short. I have fingernails to cut. Mine of course. I'm too easily sidetracked by life to take anything seriously.
    Except bad reviews.
    darn it - am I still harping on about that?

    PS - oh yes, add some description, chop out all adverbs, adjectives, and a few nouns and you'll be at the perfect 4,500 before you know it.