Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Writing while deprived

So, it's been a while since the wife and I rolled around under the sheets. Nothing wrong, just haven't been on the same page lately.

There's one scene in my WIP that gets a little naughty, and I find that, when it's been a while for me and the wife, I tend to want to refine that scene, go over it time and time again, just to make sure it's right. Odd, don't you think?


  1. You just try writing erotic books. My husband basks in the glory of comments like - I bet you enjoy the research.
    Well, actually no, mostly he doesn't. I'm having an affair with google.

  2. I've actually written a few scenes, again, written when it had been a while for the wife and me. And I think it must just be the man in me, but I find that I love that first encounter, when the ice is broken and the decision is made, the game is afoot, but once that scene is over, I want to roll over in bed, have a cigarette, and move on to another "first time" scene starring a different female in the lead role. I think that would be my downfall as an erotica writer, there'd never be any lasting relationships.

  3. And joking aside, that is the absolute difference I think! Much of the male written erotic stories tend to feature lots of sex, lots more partners, much less love. Having said that, every sexual encounter of my characters is as if they'd met for the first time. There's no way life is like that.
    Oh - you mean it is? Should I tell my husband?? Has he been keeping something from me?? The scoundrel.

  4. Love the statue of liberty picture. I dont know how to respond here, because the reactions to the sex scenes make sense, but I wonder how you deal with the slaughter ones. Most of all, I wish I could buy a finished copy!