Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Last night I got tired of revisions. When that happens, I like to twirl titles around in my head. I must have a list of fifty at this point, ranging from esoteric titles to "Big Tits on Display" which would help get the book picked up off the shelves. It's irritating that I keep coming back to the same sets of words rearranged, and nothing seems to hit it just right. I wanted a title which would convey the essence like Conrad's Heart of Darkness, but they all come out sounding like, well, like Heart of Darkness. He stole my title, the bastard. Oh well.

Still haven't finished chapter four revisions. I revise these chapters until I can get through reading it once all the way through without changing anything. I think it's getting close, but so far away.

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  1. Tits on Big Display - Big Display on Tits - um I see what you mean. The worst thing for me about titles, is finding you can't use the darn thing because someone else at your publisher's got there first. I had to change - The outcasts to The misfits. Catch a Fallen Star to Kiss a Falling Star. Driving Ms Daisy to Perfect Timing. And so it goes on.

    I think you might be revising 4 forever Fred!! I change something each time I read anything of mine. Move on or I'll get out my whip. YOu know I've warned you before!!