Monday, April 11, 2011

Struggling to reel in chapter four

As easy as chapter two and tree were, chapter four is turning out to be a bear. It's a bit of back story introduction that's at issue. Luckily it's revealed in dialogue, but it's still back story. At this point, it feels like a reeking roadside toilet with the scent slightly masked by some air freshener. I need to turn it into a classy toilet with a valet and marble walls and brass fixtures.

Fucking back story, it sounds good when it first comes out, you get all happy that you have motives for the characters, that there's a glue tying events together, then you read it back and even if the thing's interesting, it still reads like the instructions on a box of spaghetti. There are a lot of things that are difficult about writing, but telling back story in such a way that the reader actually reads it and doesn't skim over it to get to the "good" parts is definitely near the top of the list. If the reader skims over this part, 10% of the story will be lost. I'm thinking of turning religious, just to get all the help I can get.


  1. Backstory, good backstory, is a pain in the butt to convey well. You're not alone in that plight. Good luck with the bathroom renovations. :D

  2. Not sure turning religious for you, wont get you struck by those bolts of lightning. Instead of turning to deities, maybe, sigh, face the fact you may have to repeat plot details in another chapter so the concept sinks in.

  3. You're thinking too hard, Fred. Rest that brain cell!